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Waterbury, VT


Mark Drutman, Lager & Ale Liaison

It's a labor of love, this whole craft beer thing.

Everyone has something in their life that they are dedicated to in an all-encompassing way, and my dedication is craft beer. If I wasn't doing it for Craft Beer Cellar, I'd be doing it for myself, calling your store and asking if you had a certain beer, waiting at a beer release, traveling to a new beer destination (which I still do regularly) or working with the newest new-school hop varietal on my kitchen stove. It's something I will never get sick of; it's always new and always exciting. It's always growing and changing - the industry and its culture is in a constant state of redefining itself.

I got into craft beer 11 years ago and never looked back. I've been in the industry for nine years. I've worked in every side of the industry, held almost every job in it, and I've always been surrounded by great people, ideas and places. Every day we take that experience to try and bring you the best possible craft beer store and experience we can possibly provide. I also love answering homebrew questions.

I'm so proud to be a part of this store and this movement - thanks for loving good beer!


Victor Osinaga, Chief Bottle Officer

I had my first taste of craft beer - Anchor Steam, to be exact - in 1999, beginning an amazing journey into becoming a craft beer geek. Being a computer programmer in NYC at the time, owning a craft beer store was not on my agenda, especially since that idea did not really even exist. Wow, has the craft beer movement evolved for the better for all of us beer geeks.

Like many of you, I love going to beer festivals, attending brewery releases, and discovering new breweries. We live in the golden age of beer and I am proud to have jointly opened a Craft Beer Cellar so I can hear about your craft beer experiences.